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Pricey Wholesome Males: I’ve already had my COVID shot and two boosters, however my spouse is bugging me to get a flu vaccine. I say that the COVID photographs will shield me. She disagrees. Who’s proper?

A: In two phrases, she is. Many individuals, notably guys, try to resolve whether or not to get a flu shot this 12 months and, as your query highlights, there are a number of misconceptions on the market concerning the flu itself and vaccines. To clear them up, we’ve put collectively an inventory of myths and information. Beneath are a number of of the rationale we advise that you’ve a dialogue along with your well being care supplier about vaccines and the perfect methods to maintain your self and your loved ones protected and wholesome this flu season and past. You’ll discover the total checklist and different assets at www.HealthyMen.org/ManUpToFlu

Fantasy: I’m Absolutely COVID Vaccinated So I Don’t Want a Flu Vaccine

Reality: After greater than two years of COVID, we’re all somewhat vaccine weary. However the fact is that whereas COVID and influenza (flu) are each respiratory (lung) sicknesses, they’re attributable to utterly totally different viruses. Consequently, the COVID photographs (together with boosters) you’ve had received’t shield you in opposition to the flu—and the seasonal flu vaccine your spouse is suggesting received’t shield you in opposition to COVID. For most individuals, flu photographs have been proven to scale back the chance of contracting the flu. As talked about above, discuss over the plusses and minuses along with your healthcare supplier.

Fantasy: I’m too Wholesome to Get Sick

Reality: As guys, many people have grown up considering of ourselves as invincible, however I’m sorry to report, that’s merely not true. What number of occasions have you ever learn or heard about elite athletes or others in prime bodily situation who get laid out (or die) from a bodily, emotional, or infectious situation? As we grow old and wiser, our capacity to heal and to struggle infections declines. We definitely can and may make way of life adjustments that decrease well being dangers, however typically we too shall be sidelined. Wholesome Males believes that being vaccinated in opposition to the flu virus is a fast and easy strategy to shield your self and your loved ones from this menace.

Fantasy: The Flu Isn’t Actually a Large Deal

Reality: Annually between 140,000 and 170,000 Individuals are hospitalized for flu-related situations and 12,000-52,000 die. Dangers of hospitalization and loss of life are notably excessive for the aged, immunocompromised people, and the very younger. As well as, the flu could cause massive issues in surprising elements of your physique. For instance, in case you have a coronary heart situation, flu places you at six occasions the chance of getting a coronary heart assault inside simply seven days of getting the flu.

Fantasy: Flu Season Has Already Began, So It’s too Late to Get Vaccinated

Reality:  Au contraire! There’s no such factor as “too late to get vaccinated.” That mentioned, it’s greatest get your shot early, notably this 12 months, as flu infections are already on the rise.

Fantasy: When You Get the Flu-22 Shot, Your Family members Will Cease Nagging You

Reality: This one’s true! As a result of a lot of well being promoting and messaging is aimed toward girls, they’re typically extra conscious than guys of the necessity to vaccinate. They usually’re ceaselessly those in guys’ lives who, in their very own particular approach, urge us to take higher care of ourselves, So, to the women and different family members on the market, proceed urging the fellows in your life to get a seasonal flu shot. For the fellows on the market, once you do get that shot, you’ll have a bit extra peace. Once more, for the entire checklist of Causes to Man As much as Flu-22, go to www.HealthyMen.org/ManUpToFlu

Picture by CDC on Unsplash

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