The Finish of the U.S. As We Know It: Again to the Future and the Return of Partnership Communities


In my current article, “Methods to Be Comfortable With out Denying Actuality,” I launched you to the work of Rebecca Costa, writer of the ground-breaking ebook, The Watchman’s Rattle: A Radical New Idea of Collapse. Its clear to Costa that the world as we all know it’s ending and that’s fairly scary. The excellent news is one thing higher is being born, however to get there we now have to know what’s going on. 

Costa describes various warning indicators, or supermemes, that the majority of us are seeing, however haven’t absolutely comprehended. 

“A Supermeme,” says Costa, is “any perception, thought, or habits that turns into so pervasive, so stubbornly embedded, that it contaminates or suppresses all different beliefs and behaviors in a society.

  Costa says,

“It’s necessary to do not forget that supermemes are sometimes a response to accelerating complexity.”

She identifies the next 5 supermemes:

Costa says,

“Irrational opposition happens when the act of rejecting, criticizing, suppressing, ignoring, misrepresenting, marginalizing, and resisting rational options turns into the accepted norm.”

We see this supermeme working in our preliminary response to the Corona virus and our continued issue coming collectively as a rustic to agree on a rational response.

  • The Personalization of Blame.

Costa says,

“All through historical past civilizations have had a transparent sample of foisting the accountability for advanced issues onto the shoulders of people each time advanced issues persist.”

We see this supermeme working in lots of facets of our lives.

“Generally we blame spiritual leaders. Generally our boss, ex-wife or husband, lawyer, neighbors, physician, dad and mom, or dealer are answerable for our troubles. And generally we flip the blame inward towards ourselves in harsh and unforgiving methods.”

“Counterfeit correlation happens,” says Costa, “on account of three handy practices:

  • Accepting correlation as an alternative choice to causation.
  • Utilizing reverse-engineering to control proof, and 
  • Counting on consensus to find out details.”

Costa goes on to say,

“The explanation counterfeit correlation has develop into so in style is simple to know: Casually observing a relationship—any relationship—between two occasions is magnitudes simpler than the grueling effort required to show one factor truly causes one other to happen.”

“Silo considering,” says Costa, “is the compartmentalized considering and habits that prohibits the collaboration want to handle advanced issues.”

She goes on to say,

“As an alternative of encouraging cooperation between people and teams that share a typical goal, silo considering causes undermining, competitors, and divisiveness. As silos stop sharing and coordination throughout organizational boundaries, info that’s already troublesome to amass turns into much more inaccessible.”

In his ebook, The Premonition: A Pandemic Story, Michael Lewis described the silo considering that restricted the governments potential to develop a nationwide technique to handle the Covid-19 pandemic.

In chapter 4,

“Stopping the Unstoppable,” Lewis says, “Sooner or later some historian will look again and say how outstanding it was that these unusual people who referred to as themselves ‘People’ ever ruled themselves in any respect, given how they went about it. Inside america authorities have been all these little containers. The containers had been created to handle particular issues as they arose…Every field grew to become its personal small, frozen world, with little potential to adept and little curiosity in no matter may be occurring inside the opposite containers.”

“Each individual I do know,” says Costa, “has an odd relationship with cash. They need extra of it. They spend an excessive amount of of it. They make investments, inherit, defend, and reside in concern they’ll run out of it. Some folks by no means speak about cash. And a few can’t stop speaking about it. Marriages break up over it and youngsters are spoiled by it. However principally we put on cash on our shirtsleeves the place we as soon as wore our hearts.”

Costa goes on to say,

“The economics supermeme happens when easy ideas in enterprise, akin to danger/reward and revenue/loss, develop into the litmus check for figuring out the worth of individuals and priorities, initiatives and establishments.

She concludes,

“Not like the primary 4 supermemes, irrational opposition, the personalization of blame, counterfeit correlation, and silo considering, that are straightforward to see as dangerous, excessive economics feels extra like a relative who came around and stayed too lengthy. We’ve got combined emotions.”

The Collapse of Civilizations      

In The Watchman’s Rattle Costa examines the rise and fall of a number of civilizations together with Mayan, Khymer, and Roman empires. She discovered that the underlying reason behind collapse had not been absolutely understood or addressed. What she found was {that a} societies incapability to cope with complexity was the basis reason behind collapse.

As Costa’s mentor, the world-renowned sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson stated within the books Foreword,

“The conflict of religions, and civilizations, Costa argues, just isn’t the reason for our difficulties however a consequence of them. The identical is true of the worldwide water scarcity, local weather change, the decline of carbon-based power, our cheerful destruction of the remaining pure setting, and all the opposite calamities near or upon us. The first reason behind all threatening tendencies is the complexity of civilization itself, which can’t be understood and managed by the cognitive instruments we now have to this point chosen to make use of.”   

I first caught a glimpse of this actuality in 1995. I used to be attending a males’s convention in Indianapolis, Indiana and I sat with thirty different males within the fourth spherical of a sweat-lodge ceremony, after I was transported right into a imaginative and prescient by which I noticed the sinking ship of civilization and the formation of a brand new world primarily based on partnership. 

For the final twenty-six years, I’ve gained an rising understanding of the reason for collapse and it may be prevented. I wrote about my experiences in a current article, “The Ship of Civilization is Sinking: Do Not Lose Hope. Discover Your Tribe.”

The Reality About Civilization and Making a New World Past Civilization

I’ve come to imagine that the phrase “Civilization” is a misnomer. Its correct identify is the “Dominator tradition.” 

So long as we purchase the parable that “civilization” is the very best people can aspire to realize, we’re doomed to go down with the ship. In The Chalice & the Blade: Our Historical past Our Future first revealed in 1987, internationally acclaimed scholar and futurist, Riane Eisler first launched us to our lengthy, historical heritage as a Partnership Tradition and our more moderen Dominator Tradition, which has come to be referred to as “Civilization.” In her current ebook, Nurturing Our Humanity: How Domination and Partnership Form Our Brains, Lives, and Future, written with peace activist Douglas P. Fry, they provide actual steerage for making a world primarily based on partnership. 

I’ve additionally come to imagine that there’s a higher world, past civilization.

After I was given the ebook Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn, I acquired a transparent sense of the 2 worlds which might be competing for our consideration: A world the place hierarchy and dominance rule (Quinn calls it the world of the Takers) and a world the place equality and connection rule (Quinn calls it the world of the Leavers). In his many books Quinn affords the clear distinction in world-views. He begins the ebook, Past Civilization: Humanity’s Subsequent Nice Journey, with a fable which affords a big new perspective:

“As soon as upon a time life developed on a sure planet, bringing forth many various social organizations—packs, pods, flocks, troops, herds, and so forth. One species who members have been unusually clever developed a novel social group referred to as a tribe: Tribalism labored properly for them for tens of millions of years, however there got here a time once they determined to experiment with a brand new social group (referred to as civilization) that was hierarchal fairly than tribal. 

“Earlier than lengthy, these on the prime of the hierarchy have been residing in nice luxurious, having fun with good leisure and having the very best of every thing. A bigger class of individuals beneath them lived very properly and had nothing to complain about. However the lots residing on the backside of the hierarchy didn’t prefer it in any respect. They labored and lived like pack animals, struggling simply to remain alive.

“This isn’t working,” the lots stated. “The tribal approach was higher. We should always return to that approach.” However the ruler of the hierarchy informed them, “We’ve put that primitive life behind us endlessly. We will’t return to it.” The lots replied, “If we will’t return, then let’s go ahead—on to one thing totally different.” The ruler stated, “That’s can’t be achieved as a result of nothing totally different is feasible. Nothing may be past civilization. Civilization is a ultimate, unsurpassable invention.”

“However no invention is ever unsurpassable. The steam engine was surpassed by the gasoline engine. The radio was surpassed by tv. The calculator was surpassed by the pc. Why ought to civilization be totally different?”

“I don’t know why it’s totally different,” the ruler stated, “it simply is.”

However the lots didn’t imagine this—and neither do I.”

I’ve realized, through the years, that even these within the center class and even some within the ruling class acknowledge that what we name civilization is coming to an finish and there’s a better option for our future, but it surely takes braveness to interrupt with civilization and search a brand new approach. Till we do, we can be endlessly anxious, fearful, scared, confused, and unable to unravel the issues we face.

I’ll shut with these 4 “Diamond Factors.”

  1. Understanding the warnings indicators.
  2. Don’t freak out.
  3. A New Partnership system is rising.
  4. Discover your individual method to be a part of take part.

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