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HMB, brief for beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, is a metabolized type of an amino acid that’s used to advertise muscle development and energy beneficial properties in weightlifters and athletes.

It helps promote each energy and muscular development by stopping the breakdown of protein in your physique. On this means, it assists in sustaining what physiologists name “constructive protein steadiness”: your physique is gaining extra protein than it’s shedding.

When this occurs, you placed on muscle mass and also you get stronger. If that seems like a very good end result for you, try our rankings of one of the best HMB dietary supplements available on the market. These dietary supplements will enable you to get each greater and stronger.


1. Optimum Vitamin HMB

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Optimum Vitamin is king with regards to bodybuilding and weightlifting dietary supplements. This firm is extensively identified for its wonderful protein and amino acid merchandise, and its HMB complement lives as much as the identical requirements.

It’s very pure, and delivers 1000 mg of HMB per capsule. The capsules are manufactured from gelatin, which can solely be an issue for the strictest of vegetarians.

2. MET-Rx HMB 1000

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MET-Rx makes an extremely well-liked HMB complement that delivers 1000 mg of HMB per serving in a gelatin capsule. The design is pretty clear, although some purists would favor a cellulose capsule or the dearth of silica.

Regardless of this, it’s extensively applauded for its potential to help with muscular beneficial properties, each when it comes to measurement and precise energy.

3. Double Wooden Dietary supplements HMB

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Double Wooden Dietary supplements HMB wins factors for utilizing third-party testing to make sure purity, although athletes searching for optimum doses can be annoyed by the decrease than common dosage (500 mg per capsule).

This implies you’ll undergo a bottle lots faster than you’d in a better dose complement. Apart from HMB, the one further substances are rice flour and gelatin (for the capsule), making this a really pure complement regardless of its low dosage.

4. Vitamonk HMB

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Vitamonk HMB is an effective choice for vegetarians and vegans due to its use of a cellulose capsule and its pure complement design.

Whereas there are higher dietary supplements on the market, all of them use animal-derived gelatin of their capsule. The key draw back with this HMB complement is that every capsule solely incorporates 500 mg of HMG, so that you’ll undergo a bottle fairly shortly.

5. Bulksupplements Pure HMB powder

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Bulksupplements makes a stable free powder type of HMB, however provided that the efficient dose pretty low (in comparison with one thing like whey protein powder) it’s going to be difficult so that you can get the correct quantity of HMB each day, except you’ve already received a scale that’s correct to the milligram.

The plastic bag can be liable to trigger a little bit of a large number if you attempt to reseal it after use. That apart, if all you need is pure HMB with no components and no capsule, that is undoubtedly the best way to go.

6. Nutricost HMB

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Nutricost HMB is a fairly fundamental moderate-dose HMB complement. It is available in 500 mg capsules, so the dosage per capsule is decrease than a few of its higher-ranked rivals. Substances-wise, although, it’s formulated fairly clear, so it’s a stable alternative if you understand you desire a lower-dose capsule-based supply of HMB.

7. AMRAP Vitamin Licensed HMB Capsules

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AMRAP Vitamin makes an HMB capsule that’s a center of the street dosage: 750 mg per capsule.

Whereas that is an appropriate dosage vary for many individuals, the actual drawback is that there aren’t very many capsules per bottle, so that you’ll undergo this complement fairly shortly.

That’s much more true if you’re utilizing this handy dosage to hit 1500 mg of HMB per day.

8. Blonyx HMB+ Creatine

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Blonyx offers HMB alongside creatine monohydrate, which is likely one of the best and examined dietary supplements for rising muscle energy and muscle mass.

Each are offered at efficacious doses, so if you’re seeking to mix the advantages of each dietary supplements, Blonyx makes it simple by placing them each in a single bundle.

The powder kind means you’ll be able to regulate the dosage to suit your present wants, which is particularly vital with creatine since most dosing protocols contain a “loading” section with a better dose, adopted by a moderate-dose upkeep section.

9. Bodytech HMB + Vitamin D3

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Bodytech blends HMB with each calcium and vitamin D3, making it an honest complement for individuals seeking to enhance muscle energy and bone energy on the similar time. The first draw back is that the vitamin D dosage just isn’t that top: solely 333 IUs per serving. 

10. NutraKey HMB

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NutraKey makes a fairly easy HMB complement, however the massive draw back is dosage. At solely 333 mg per capsule, it’s one of many lowest dose HMB dietary supplements on the market.

Although it does have a fairly clear complement design with no pointless components, the dosage is low sufficient that even smaller individuals (who would probably desire a decrease dosage anyhow) are liable to search out the dosage too low.

Class winners

Greatest HMB total: Optimum Vitamin HMB

Optimum Vitamin takes our prime spot total within the rankings due to its high-dosage formulation and lack of any components or secondary substances. These two options make it a flexible and versatile HMB complement that’s suited for almost any use case. 

Greatest HMB for athletes: Optimum Vitamin HMB

Since constructing energy, velocity, and energy is likely one of the foremost functions of HMB, it must be no shock that our prime total HMB suggestion can be our suggestion for athletes. 

Greatest HMB for burning fats: Double Wooden Dietary supplements HMB

The decrease dosage of Double Wooden HMB is sweet for dieters and others seeking to burn fats whereas sustaining muscle mass: by taking a decrease dosage unfold all through the day, you’ll be able to maintain the strength-preserving results of HMB throughout longer intervals of weight-reduction plan. 

Greatest powder-form HMB: Bulksupplements Pure HMB powder

Seeking to combine up your personal protein shakes fortified with HMB? Bulksupplements is our suggestion, due to its pure formulation and ease of use. If you wish to combine up a customized mixture of HMB and different helpful muscle constructing dietary supplements like creatine, BCAAs, and beta-alanine, Bulksupplements is the best way to go. 

Greatest HMB with creatine: Blonyx HMB + Creatine

HMB and creatine are a potent combo for rising muscle mass and energy. For this software, we advocate Blonyx HMB+Creatine, which mixes creatine monohydrate and HMB in a 5:3 ratio. Because it’s a powder kind complement it’s simple to regulate it for both creatine loading or upkeep. 

Greatest HMB for gaining mass: Optimum Vitamin HMB 

If you’re intent on bulking up, Optimum Vitamin HMB is a protected guess. These excessive dose capsules make it simple to double or triple your dosage if needed as a part of your bulking routine. The dearth of further energetic substances additionally means it combines nicely with different mass-gaining dietary supplements, so that you don’t have to fret about any interactions with the remainder of your complement stack. 

Who should purchase HMB?

HMB is protected for most people seeking to enhance muscle mass, efficiency and energy. It’s also nice for individuals seeking to cease undesirable weight reduction during times of stress or illness.

Pregnant and breastfeeding girls shouldn’t use HMB since it isn’t nicely studied in these populations. Whereas there are not any critical treatment interactions, it’s best to converse to your physician earlier than taking an HMB complement if you’re at present taking any prescription treatment.

How we ranked

When rating one of the best HMB dietary supplements, we first appeared on the supply technique. Powder-based HMB looks as if a more sensible choice on the floor because it tends to be cheaper and incorporates fewer fillers. Nonetheless, given the not-so-pleasant style of HMB, we most popular capsule-based merchandise like Met-Rx and VitaMonk. This being stated, we nonetheless allowed some powders on our listing as lengthy they had been of the very best high quality and purity, like Bulk Dietary supplements.

We additionally checked out added substances. Whereas pure HMB was wonderful, we did have a slight choice for merchandise that used complementary substances to assist the advantages of HMB. Lastly, we appeared on the dosage. In keeping with analysis, the clinically efficient dosage of HMB is between 2-3g. We had a choice for barely decrease dosed merchandise, like Optimum Vitamin, as this allowed for extra tailoring and titration with new customers. 


HMB can assist improve muscle mass and muscular energy. The perfect proof for the muscle-boosting energy of HMB comes from a randomized and placebo-controlled scientific trial revealed in 2014 within the European Journal of Utilized Physiology (1).

The research, carried out by researchers on the College of Tampa and Iowa State College, concerned eight weeks of normal weight coaching, a two-week “overreaching” interval the place the themes skilled more durable than standard, and a two-week taper on the finish.

Half of the themes had been randomly assigned to take an HMB complement (taken at a dose of three grams per day) whereas the opposite half acquired a placebo.

The outcomes confirmed that the HMB complement was related to a rise in complete energy (outlined because the sum of bench press, squat, and deadlift one rep most) in addition to a rise in lean physique mass.

Because of this your muscle mass improve due to HMB is purposeful, i.e. it’s a real improve in muscular cross-sectional space, which contributes on to muscular energy.

HMB can stop efficiency losses during times of overreaching and overtraining. One of the crucial attention-grabbing points of the research above was what occurred in the course of the two-week interval of overreaching.

The themes who had been taking the HMB complement skilled an attenuated improve within the hormonal markers of overtraining when in comparison with the management group. Creatine kinase and cortisol ranges, which rise when the physique is in an overstressed and catabolic state, didn’t improve as a lot within the HMB group in comparison with the placebo group.

A assessment research revealed in 2008 within the journal Vitamin & Metabolism offers a possible clarification—HMB is concerned in inhibiting a biochemical pathway related to muscle breakdown (2).

So, at the very least in response to this speculation, HMB can lengthen your potential to coach arduous and restrict the muscle breakdown that occurs during times of intense coaching, even when they’re a bit past your present capabilities.

That being stated, it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to overtrain—you may be capable to push a bit past the bodily limitations of your physique with HMB, however you’re nonetheless topic to going too far if you happen to fully disregard clever coaching protocols.

HMB works equally nicely in women and men. Some dietary supplements for energy achieve may work higher in males, as a result of their core perform is to enhance testosterone or development hormone ranges, and males have a better ceiling with regards to these hormones.

HMB, nevertheless, works by a special pathway. A research performed by researchers at East Tennessee State College examined the consequences of HMB on rising higher physique energy in 39 males and 36 girls (3). The themes had been randomly assigned both a 3 gram per day dose of HMB or a placebo, and the researchers tracked energy beneficial properties over the course of 4 weeks.

As well as, the researchers examined to see if there was a distinction in energy and muscle mass beneficial properties between the lads and the ladies. They discovered that HMB labored equally nicely for each teams, resulting in will increase in higher physique energy and lean physique mass.

This discovering is particularly promising for feminine energy athletes, because it means they’ll get the identical stage of profit as males.

HMB may lower your threat of heart problems. Whereas HMB’s fame is usually as a efficiency support for athletes seeking to achieve muscular energy, there’s rising proof it could possibly be useful for lowering your threat of heart problems as nicely.

Provided that total energy and health is protecting in your coronary heart, this may not be so stunning, however it’s rewarding to know nonetheless.

A scientific research revealed within the Journal of Vitamin in 2000 cataloged the potential coronary heart well being advantages of HMB by conducting a collection of research on human topics starting from three to eight weeks in length (4).

The researchers examined a variety of biochemical, bodily, and psychological measures of well being, and located that three markers of coronary heart well being had been persistently improved on HMB: the complement resulted in a lower in complete ldl cholesterol, a lower in LDL (“dangerous”) ldl cholesterol, and a lower in systolic blood stress.

Rising muscle mass and reducing fats mass has an identical impact, and though vital adjustments in these variables weren’t noticed, the identical biochemical pathways may need been activated, accounting for the enhancements.

Unwanted effects

A number of massive placebo-controlled scientific trials of HMB have been performed (a number of of which had been described above), and none have reported vital hostile results related to HMB.

This may be as a result of HMB is only a metabolized type of the branched chain amino acid leucine, which is present in copious portions in meals like nuts, rooster, and cheese.

So long as you keep inside the bounds of standard dosages, there seem like no rapid dangers related to taking HMB (larger doses aren’t dangerous; they only haven’t been studied).

As a result of it’s been studied primarily for its short-term athletic advantages, there isn’t as a lot analysis on the persistent results of HMB, so we don’t have data on the way it may have an effect on your physique if you happen to take it over the course of a few years.

Regardless of this caveat, HMB is likely one of the most secure dietary supplements on the market for augmenting your energy beneficial properties on the health club.

Beneficial dose

The overwhelming majority of analysis on HMB makes use of every day doses of three grams per day. This dose appears to be common for males, girls, in addition to completely different physique sorts, however as with different dietary supplements for rising energy, massive athletes may have to take extra and small athletes may have to take much less.

To keep up as constant of a stage of HMB in your physique as attainable, it’s in all probability finest to house out your doses equally all through the day. For instance, you would take one gram within the morning, afternoon, and night.


What’s HMB, and what does it do? HMB stands for hydro-methyl butyrate, which is of course produced within the physique if you break down the amino acid leucine. One research describes HMB as each anabolic and anti-catabolic, which signifies that it helps to construct lean muscle mass and stop the lack of lean physique mass. 

The identical research additionally discovered that HMB helped sufferers expertise elevated advantages from rehabilitative workout routines after an damage, in addition to enhance cognition, lower belly weight problems, and assist bone density (5). This makes HMB helpful for devoted athletes, new gym-goers seeking to stop damage, and older people who’re looking for to enhance their well being. 

Is HMB an amino acid? Proteins are made up of amino acid chains, which the human physique breaks down and digests into particular person amino acids. These amino acids are then used because the constructing blocks of cells. To construct or preserve muscle, your physique wants a full spectrum of the 20 amino acids and sufficient protein consumption. 

Of those 20, 9 can’t be produced inside the human physique and should be obtained from meals (6). These are referred to as important amino acids, as their presence is crucial to the human food regimen. HMB just isn’t thought-about an amino acid. Reasonably it’s a by-product of the amino acid leucine when it’s damaged down within the physique.

Are leucine and HMB the identical factor? Leucine is likely one of the 9 important amino acids and is a metaphorical supply man with a aspect job as a protector. This multi-talented amino acid helps the human physique synthesize and use different amino acids. It helps ship important amino acids, or mobile constructing blocks, to elements of the physique that want it most, whereas additionally blocking the degradation of current muscle tissue. 

Your physique makes use of most of its leucine within the means of muscle constructing. Nonetheless, so as to higher construct muscle, leucine breaks down even additional into ketoisocaproate and hydro-methyl butyrate, or HMBHMB can assist your physique extra effectively synthesize protein and velocity up the supply of leucine to skeletal muscle. 

Why are leucine and HMB vital for train? Train causes your physique to vary the way it makes use of protein and leucine is the amino acid that’s most affected by exercise-induced adjustments in protein and amino acid metabolism. As your physique’s amino acid supply system, it’s working over-time.

It operates side-by-side with insulin to assist your cells sign to the remainder of your physique that they want extra power and protein to get stronger. On this exercise-induced signaling and rebuilding course of, HMB helps your physique regulate extra quickly to exercise-induced wants. 

Is HMB a helpful complement if I don’t train? HMB is related to well being advantages in sedentary populations. One research discovered that HMB helped older adults fight malnutrition and lean tissue loss related to growing old (7). By serving to to extend the effectivity of protein synthesis, HMB encourages the physique to retain lean mass. 

Nonetheless, train is by far the best single technique for gaining lean mass and delaying or reversing frailty. Train can be related to a number of different wellness advantages, together with lowered blood stress, improved cognition, enhanced temper, higher sleep rhythms, and safety in opposition to neurodegenerative illness. 

Whether it is protected so that you can train, use HMB to enrich and compound the advantages of bodily exercise, somewhat than substitute it. If you’re restricted in your potential to train, HMB might enable you to stop atrophy and shield the performance you at present possess. HMB additionally might assist lower LDL ldl cholesterol and blood stress, however extra analysis is required to find out the precise mechanisms for this course of (8).

How is HMB absorbed within the physique? The human physique absorbs HMB, very like it absorbs different amino acid compounds. Dietary proteins are damaged down into amino acids within the small intestines, the place they’re absorbed. Because of this, some autoimmune illnesses and gastrointestinal issues can intervene with protein absorption and result in malnutrition. In the event you really feel that your physique isn’t absorbing vitamins or protein the best way that it ought to, seek the advice of your healthcare supplier. 

What’s one of the simplest ways to take HMB? Most HMB customers take HMB 30-60 minutes earlier than a exercise or bodily remedy session so as to maximize muscle efficiency and restoration. By rising the bioavailability of leucine earlier than a exercise, your physique can use amino acids to stop muscle injury and replenish your power shops (9). 

HMB is obtainable in pill or powder kind. The best choice for you depends upon whether or not you need the comfort of a pill or wish to combine your HMB with one other protein or nutrient shake. The powder can style bizarre to some individuals, so it really works higher when blended with juice.

What if I can’t take HMB earlier than train? Whereas not excellent, your physique can nonetheless get pleasure from the advantages of HMB after train if taken inside an hour after you end figuring out.

Can I take HMB each earlier than and after train, and may I apply it to my off days? Analysis suggests that you would be able to take HMB each earlier than and after train to reinforce restoration, as long as you keep inside a protected and doctor-recommended dosage vary. It’s because HMB will increase the supply of substrate for ldl cholesterol synthesis inside skeletal muscle, which could possibly assist your physique at each stage of the restore course of (10). 

Chances are you’ll discover that incorporating HMB in your off days helps to alleviate signs of delayed-onset muscle soreness. Although extra research are needed earlier than these findings are deemed conclusive, it might additionally assist stop damage when included into your off-day wellness routine. 

Is HMB dangerous for you? In keeping with a current research, no hostile uncomfortable side effects have been present in both animal or human HMB trials. The identical research additionally particulars that HMB may need various effectiveness for various phases in life, however extra analysis is required to find out this precisely (11).

How usually ought to I work out to construct muscle with HMB? Though HMB might assist your physique restore itself extra shortly after exercises, customers ought to proceed their standard exercise routine and never push their limits or intensify their exercises with out recommendation from a health care provider. Between 150 and 300 minutes of moderate-intensity train per week is enough for many adults.

Analysis has established that adults over 45 shouldn’t work out greater than 300 minutes per week, and all people ought to take at the very least sooner or later off from figuring out every week. Over train could also be related to an elevated threat of coronary artery illness, malignant ventricular arrhythmias, and atrial fibrillation.

Can HMB enhance stamina? HMB doesn’t instantly enhance stamina or power, however it could possibly enhance the general situation of the muscle tissue; so there could also be some long-term results on stamina. Some research have proven promising results on endurance over intervals so long as 12 weeks, particularly in athletes, however there isn’t a stable analysis but on total cardio capability enchancment attributable to HMB (15).

How a lot HMB ought to I take? The really useful dose for HMB, no matter physique measurement or weight, is 2-3 grams per day cut up between a number of 1-gram doses. Although some research have additionally investigated smaller doses, 3 grams per day has been well-researched as a protected and probably efficient dose. Larger doses could also be attainable beneath a health care provider’s supervision.

Are you able to overdose on HMB? Overdosing on HMB might have detrimental results on protein synthesis within the kidneys, colon, coronary heart, and spleen. The precise threshold for an overdose has not been decided but, so customers should seek the advice of with a health care provider earlier than taking greater than 3 grams per day.

Does HMB have an effect on temper? Not like steroids, there isn’t a proof that HMB negatively impacts temper. Nonetheless, the consequences of dietary supplements and drugs might work together in unpredictable methods. A health care provider can assist you resolve if you’re in danger for mood-related uncomfortable side effects attributable to an current temper dysfunction or treatment interactions.

Is HMB protected for pregnant girls? There have been no research-backed investigations into the security of HMB for pregnant or nursing girls. Pregnant and nursing girls ought to keep away from HMB except particularly instructed by a health care provider.

Is HMB protected for minors and seniors? Minors beneath 18 shouldn’t take dietary supplements like HMB except instructed by a health care provider. Seniors might take HMB along side an train plan prescribed by a health care provider. One small research decided that HMB was simply as efficient in a 70-year-old cohort as it’s in younger adults (16).

Can diabetics take HMB? Muscle tissue, protein, and insulin work together in advanced methods, which makes it troublesome for people for diabetes to take health dietary supplements. Diabetics ought to seek the advice of with a health care provider earlier than beginning a brand new health plan or taking HMB.

The place can I purchase HMB? HMB dietary supplements can be found on-line and at sure brick-and-mortar shops focusing on health dietary supplements. Nonetheless, buying on-line offers you a bigger collection of merchandise and easy accessibility to consumer critiques so you’ll be able to decide the suitable complement for you. Two of our favourite merchandise, Forge by Legion Athletics and Optimum Vitamin HMB might be discovered on Amazon.

Can HMB powders or tablets expire? Some HMB merchandise can expire, and whereas they might nonetheless be protected to eat, their effectiveness could also be diminished. At all times substitute merchandise which might be previous their use-by date, and powders must be changed six months after they’ve been opened.

Why do athletes use HMB? HMB will increase muscle mass and muscular energy by stopping protein breakdown. It’s a metabolized type of the amino acid leucine, and due to some particular biochemical actions, when taken in supplemental kind it permits you to benefit from all the advantages of energy coaching. If you need a complement that helps you benefit from your arduous work within the weight room, HMB may be simply what you’re searching for.

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HMB is a complement that’s been persistently discovered to enhance muscular energy and improve lean physique mass. It really works by completely different pathways than different dietary supplements for rising energy; its main perform appears to be the prevention of muscle breakdown.

Because of this it really works equally nicely in women and men, and it appears significantly well-suited for safeguarding your physique during times of heavy coaching.

Some analysis even means that HMB may assist lower ldl cholesterol and blood stress, making it helpful for lowering your threat of heart problems.

When taken on the really useful dose of three grams per day, it’s a protected and efficient technique to get extra lean physique mass and extra energy.

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