Methods to keep away from Wrestling KNEE INJURIES


Methods to keep away from wrestling KNEE INJURIES 

As a result of tough, bodily nature of the game, accidents are frequent place in wrestling.  Most likely the most typical kinds of accidents contain trauma to the shoulder and knee joints.  A gradual food regimen of day by day shoulder pre-hab and weekly overhead stability positions have helped tremendously to chop down on the quantity of shoulder and labrum tweaks I see with my athletes, however what could be achieved on the subject of knee harm prevention?

Knee accidents is usually a little bit difficult since there are a ton of variables within the route and quantity of power utilized to this hinge-only joint.  Whereas the shoulder joint could be very complicated and susceptible, there may be numerous play and mobility that may hold you from experiencing trauma.  The knee, nevertheless, solely bends a technique, and might simply be put into a nasty scenario when attacking, scrambling , and even doing managed coaching.  Whereas there isn’t a magic plan or train to stop knee accidents, listed below are some methods that may assist:

Remove entrance to again imbalances– the most typical energy imbalance in athletes is overdeveloped quads and underdeveloped or weak hamstrings.  Whereas this will likely not particularly trigger a knee harm, anytime you could have an imbalance you might be opening your self up for harm, particularly throughout a sudden motion, change of route or throughout a forceful influence.  Hamstring energy work on the knee joint (vs hip dominant actions resembling RDLs) – GHR or BW/Nordic Hamstring Curls – must be an everyday a part of your energy program.  Prehab resembling Swiss Ball Leg curls and banded leg curls for prime reps could be achieved on a day by day or common foundation.

 Repair Knee Valgus – You’ve seen it earlier than, when an athlete (generally even a really sturdy one) squats or lunges, their knee “caves” in and so they go knock knee-d.  Knee Valgus is tremendous frequent and might result in ACL tears.  This sometimes occurs attributable to week Glutes (leg abductors) which ends up in inner rotation and adduction of the hip.  Prehab kind actions resembling banded Hip abduction (or “clamshells”), Glute Bridges (ft vast) or lateral lunge “walks” with a band across the mid thigh could be applied day by day as a part of your athletes dynamic heat up.  Inserting a band above the knee whereas an athlete squats beneath mild load can train them how one can cue their abductors and deal with forcing their knees out into correct place.

Practice Single Leg actions in a number of planes – though the knee joint solely hinges in a single route, coaching unilaterally in a number of planes might help get rid of or forestall the issues listed above.  Lateral lunges, break up squats, facet step ups, and pistol squats could not have the general energy/mass constructing advantages of conventional bilateral Again Squats, however they might help higher put together the physique for the bodily calls for of wrestling.  I additionally like to make use of single leg lateral jumps (straight to the facet on to a field or on the bottom at an angle) to assist situation an athlete to soak up power laterally and alter route rapidly, which has an enormous carry over to wrestling.

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