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Because the hectic vacation season arrives, chances are you’ll wish to think about taking a second to honor the winter solstice this yr for a peace-infused, non secular reset to rekindle the sunshine inside. And the perfect half—no buy required! 

On December 21, winter Solstice happens because the solar travels the shortest path by the sky giving us the longest, darkest night time of the yr. Solstice occurs twice a yr, (winter and summer time) and marks the precise second that one of many Earth’s poles is at its most tilt.

We expertise winter solstice within the Northern Hemisphere whereas our buddies within the Southern Hemisphere expertise the Summer season Solstice. 

Celtic and Pagan in origin, winter Solstice, often known as “Xmas” or “mid-winter” has been celebrated for hundreds of years as a rebirth of the solar. It was revered as a catalyst of nice resilience to endure the darkish, chilly days earlier than the solar’s radiance returned as soon as once more. The promise of Spring’s life pressure, fertility and abundance introduced religion and hope contained in the winter’s barren, darkish occasions. 

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In Latin, “solstice” interprets into “sol” that means the solar, and “sistere” that means to face nonetheless. For an astronomical second in time, the solar stands utterly nonetheless. Symbolically, we can also honor a sacred pause inside our personal being. We are able to sit peacefully, soften to obtain our breath, and lightweight a candle to spark the flame of our true nature. We are able to launch the need to do extra, crave extra, and be extra. We are able to actually and metaphorically join with the common zenith of winter solstice by aligning with the reciprocal nature of duality: our internal self to outer self, giving to receiving, and darkness to gentle. We are able to activate rituals of letting go to launch extra and imbalance of the previous yr. We are able to ignite the flame of internal peace and name ahead our contemporary inspirations for the approaching yr. 

Once we honor the seasonal wheel of the yr whereas reflecting on our private cycles and course of, we’re reminded that we, too, are related to a common life pressure that’s generative and wildly transformative. Celebrating the Solstices and Equinoxes can deepen our connection to mom earth, our communities, and our life journey.  Seasonal rituals are like mirrors, reflecting to us what has shifted, what’s of worth, and easy methods to supply true inspiration from inside. The multi-tasking thoughts can pause, replicate, and recalibrate right into a frequency of readability and positivity. The previous will get reviewed, and the long run turns into spacious. We really feel much less overwhelmed, and as a substitute extra centered and intuitive. By Solstice’s sacred pause, we are able to transcend the mundane of self-limiting narratives and uncover better that means and goal in life. 

Winter solstice is a time to present because of the solar for making it return as soon as once more. It’s a time to take nothing without any consideration.  Honor the farmers who develop your meals. Rejoice abundance and volunteer time or give to these in want. Ship out heat blessings of compassion and like to your family and friends, to the earth and the solar for the sustenance you obtain every day. Give thanks to the vegetation and animals for contributing to a wholesome ecosystem. And know that by displaying up and honoring the solstice, you might be aligning with radiant souls throughout the globe who’re doing the identical. 

Winter Solstice Ritual to Launch and Renew

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This winter solstice chances are you’ll wish to create a private ritual or share one with family and friends to find the magic inside this light-fueled alignment. Like a lot of our ancestors did at Solstice, we are able to collect round a bonfire, or candles to welcome within the return of sunshine.  Set your intention to obtain the sunshine and heat absolutely, hearth is a potent trainer of transformation. Write down the habits, cycles, or patterns in your life that now not serve you. You’ll be able to burn the paper as a symbolic cleaning and visualize these energies leaving your physique and thoughts.  Then take a while to be in stillness and silence.  Now write down what you wish to convey ahead within the coming yr. Join your intentions with the way you wish to really feel, and let this come up out of your middle, not your thoughts. Give to the hearth what you might be welcoming in. Visualize your self already there. When you can see it, and really feel it, you’ll be able to create it.  Journal about your expertise or share with a trusted pal.

Winter Solstice Journal Prompts

  1. Mirror upon 2022, checklist all of your private accomplishments, your perspective shifts, and the private knowledge obtained.
  2. What seeds did you plant in 2022?
  3. What’s rising in you now?
  4. What’s releasing or clearing out of you now?
  5. Is there any present problem, stress, or repeating patterns in your life?
  6. If sure, what every day ritual or apply can assist private transformation?

For instance: For 7 days, I’ll change opening my cellphone within the morning with a brief gratitude meditation. 

  1. In what methods do you wish to focus your power in 2023? Select one phrase, or guiding affirmation for the yr forward.

Winter Solstice Affirmation

I honor the darkish inside.

I honor the sunshine inside.

I soften to launch limiting core beliefs and unsupportive actions inside.

I rekindle the flame of radical self-love and deep-rooted compassion.

I belief in my journey and share my true nature with the world, unapologetically.



Mara Branscombe is a mom, author, yogi, artist, trainer, mindfulness chief, ceremonialist and non secular coach. She is obsessed with weaving the artwork of mindfulness, self-care, creativity, thoughts–physique practices, and earth-based rituals into her life and work, and she or he has been main group ceremony since 2000.

An adventurous spirit, Mara has sailed throughout the Atlantic Ocean, trekked throughout the Himalayas, studied yoga in India, planted bushes in Canada’s north, lived off the grid in a distant cabin within the woods, labored as a Waldorf (Steiner College) trainer, after which discovered her ardour for dance and choreography. All of the whereas yoga, meditation, mysticism, and ritual have been on the coronary heart of Mara’s journey. Her trainings within the Incan Shaman lineage and the Pagan custom have enormously impressed her life’s work of earth-based, ceremonial, intentional, and heart-centered residing and loving.

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