Head to Toe Stretch and Power


On the lookout for a brief energizing observe to start out your day with? Give these 7 poses a attempt!

This sequence is nice for all ranges and no props are required.

1. Reclined Butterfly – Lay down in your again. Deliver the souls of the toes collectively, and drop the knees aside. Place the palms on the stomach or prolong the arms overhead for a gap within the chest and shoulders.

2. Reclined Eagle – Wrap the suitable thigh over the left one. Possibly wrapping the suitable toes behind. Bend the elbows, binding arms a few times. Curl up, lifting head and shoulders. Inhale to straighten a bit by legs and arms, exhale to crunch knees and elbows collectively. Do about 5 rounds. Unwind, relaxation down and repeat with reverse cross.

3. Bridge – Set the toes down and relaxation the arms down on the sides. Push into the toes to raise hips, low again and mid again off the ground. Hug by the inside thighs. Push into the shoulders. Possibly raise heels, coming to the balls of the toes. Maintain for five or so breaths. Roll down one vertebrae at a time.

4. Modified Aspect Plank – Come to desk prime with palms on the prime of the mat. Prolong the suitable leg again, pushing into the heel. Deliver weight ahead. Roll to the inside fringe of the suitable foot, aligned to quick fringe of mat. Stretch the suitable arm as much as the sky. Search for if it feels okay. See should you can squeeze and raise the left knee off the mat.

5. Low Lunge/Half Break up – Step the suitable foot by to the highest of the mar. Push into the toes and raise the palms overhead. After a number of breaths, decrease palms to border foot. Push into heel and straighten the entrance leg any quantity in half splits. Flex proper foot if it feels good for you.

Repeat 4 and 5 on different facet.

6. Standing Eagle – Stand on the prime of the mat. Wrap the left thigh over the suitable, perhaps tucking the toes. Bend the knees generously. Wrap left arm underneath the suitable. Binding a few times. Press the shoulders away from the ears. Repeat different facet.

Repeat with reverse cross.

7. Sleeping Pigeon – Begin in down canine. Deliver the left knee behind the left wrist. Prolong the suitable leg again. Sq. off the pelvis. Decrease all the way down to the forearms, fist or brow flat to ground. Get as snug as you’ll be able to. Maintain for about 10 breaths.

These poses come from a 20 minute morning yoga observe on my YouTube.



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