Dwell and let stay. 😒 – Rolistance


Does same-sex love trouble you?

Do you’ve an issue with individuals having Mohawks?

Do you hate the pimples on Nebuchadnezzar’s face?

Does the truth that Camilla has no ass irk you?

Do you hate that a few of us hearken to Pink Floyd?

Does the truth that we love beer annoy you?

Do you’ve an issue with individuals who learn or write erotica?

Do you hate the truth that previous girls are turning up for public capabilities in pajamas? (PS. I’m the previous girls. The previous girls is me.)

Sure? OMG! You answered sure to all this?

Okay, Karen. Thanks very a lot for sharing with us your considerations, however right here’s one other spherical of questions.

In what direct manner does identical love have an effect on you? Have they got any curiosity in you? No? Okay, take this. (kick)

Is the Mohawk in your head? No? Take this. (slaps)

Are you having your meals off of Nebuchadnezzar’s face? No? Take this (acid within the mouth), and, don’t neglect to purchase plates to your kitchen.

Are you relationship Camilla? No? Take this. (punches), and, let Camilla get pleasure from her flat behind in peace.

Will we power you to hearken to Pink Floyd? No? have we ever invited you to his live performance? No? Take this (will get thrown off a hill)

Has anybody forced-fed you beer? No? Take this (will get an exquisite splash of magma on their again)

Have been you invited to an erotica studying? Did the writer power you to write down for them erotica? No? Take this (will get high-fived within the face with a lawnmower.)

Are these previous girls instantly associated to you? No? Go and hold your self with bathroom paper, Karen.

What’s your downside, Karen? Why are you such a bore, Karen? We’re bothered by the truth that every thing bothers your already bother-clogged bothersome thoughts.

Take a knee, Karen.

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