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Dr. Leigh’s Nook: Motivation vs Self-discipline


Written by Leigh Ettinger, MD, MS, Medical Advisor to Camp Shane

Motivation vs Self-discipline

Keep on with me on this weblog and I’ll finally get to the precise meals that I like to recommend and the meals that I like to recommend limiting.  I’m first sharing my philosophies about weight problems and life-style modifications so that you simply get into the correct mindset to finally implement my recommendation.

In medical faculty, we’re taught the right way to encourage our sufferers to more healthy behaviors.  Getting the affected person to be self-motivated to quit smoking or to take medication day by day is believed to have lasting advantages as a result of the physician actually can’t be with the affected person each second of the day.  By encouraging the affected person’s inside motivation to achieve well being or to keep away from illness compliance with the medical plan might be improved.

Sadly, it doesn’t at all times work.  The issue is that motivation is a fleeting human emotion.  What number of New Yr’s resolutions final previous February?  So, I encourage my sufferers to be disciplined.  What’s the distinction between motivation and self-discipline?  When an individual is motivated the great thrilling feeling comes BEFORE the motion.  For instance, I’m motivated to take this foul-tasting medication as a result of I would love to deal with this an infection and regain my well being.  When the particular person is disciplined the great thrilling feeling comes AFTER the motion.  I used to be disciplined to take that gross medication as instructed and now I’m blissful my an infection is gone.

Take into consideration brushing your enamel.  Are you motivated to brush your enamel on daily basis?  Do you look ahead to it?  Most likely not.  However, in case you are disciplined and brush your enamel on daily basis you may be blissful into your previous age with a wholesome smile and minimal dental procedures and payments.  Has anybody ever prompt to you to take the steps as an alternative of the escalator?  I can’t think about anybody is motivated whereas standing on the backside of the staircase to stroll up as an alternative of taking the free clean escalator experience.  However in case you are disciplined to take the steps as an alternative of the escalator at each alternative for one full yr picture your sense of satisfaction AT THE END of such an achievement.  And your physique could have modified for the higher because of your self-discipline.

Being disciplined also can assist with ‘perceived boundaries.’  These are the damaging ideas that sneak into your head and completely destroy motivation.  For instance, an individual could also be extremely internally motivated to go to the health club on daily basis.  However who has the time?  As a substitute, think about if that particular person is disciplined to only placed on their sneakers briefly on daily basis for one week.  That may occur in the midst of the day and even proper earlier than mattress.  On the finish of the week think about the satisfaction that particular person would really feel about having achieved that objective.  Extra importantly, they might have really discovered about occasions of their busy day once they may be capable to slot in some train.  Then I’d encourage that particular person to be disciplined within the subsequent week to placed on their sneakers AND stroll as soon as across the block.  The motivation won’t be there on a wet day but when the self-discipline is there to do it anyway by the tip of the week they are going to have achieved one thing extraordinary.  Having the self-discipline to construct week by week on these achievements can result in improved well being.

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