Do Infants Require A Double Dose Of The Flu Shot? As a result of They *Want* Safety

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Guess who’s about to proffer a lollipop bribe whereas her baby screams bloody homicide in a CVS? This woman! As a result of it is as soon as once more time for ye olde dreaded influenza shot. Alas, many kids could also be required to get not just one flu shot, however two, to ensure that the vaccine to be more practical. If in case you have an toddler at residence, you may be questioning — do infants additionally want two flu photographs?

Flu shot time — or as I like to think about it, The Annual Shriekfest That Ends With Mommy Stopping By the Wine Retailer — is a drag it doesn’t matter what. However a a lot greater drag is watching your baby come down with this terrible sickness. The flu will be extraordinarily severe and harmful in some instances, which is why most pediatricians strongly encourage dad and mom to get their youngsters jabbed, and a few faculties even require it.

I reached out to Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg about whether or not to offer infants a double dose of the flu vaccine. “Dr. Jen” is a pediatrician and parenting skilled, and a “spokesdoctor” for the American Academy of Pediatrics. Whereas the flu shot is not advisable till a toddler is six months previous, she says kids between the ages of six months and eight years want two flu photographs when it is the primary time they’re ever receiving the vaccine. And the 2 doses ought to be at the least 28 days aside. (So about 4 weeks aside.)


Dr. Jen additionally says it is best to get the shot earlier than flu season is in full swing, and she or he strongly encourages dad and mom to go forward and get the deed accomplished earlier than Halloween. There’s even an entire initiative from the AAP with the hashtag #flubeforeboo. (The initiative additionally has useful reminders about flu prevention, like ensuring youngsters wash their palms repeatedly, and cough into their elbows “like a vampire.”)

In fact, yearly there’s discuss of the flu vaccine’s “effectiveness,” which will be complicated for some dad and mom, and may make them surprise if the shot is in truth even actually obligatory? Dr. Jay Berger is the Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of Pediatrics at ProHEALTH Care, and he acknowledges to Romper that sure, some years the flu vaccine is not completely on the cash. However that almost all actually doesn’t suggest it is not price it: “It’s true that not yearly is an ideal match between the flu vaccine and the circulating virus,” Berger says. “Nevertheless, there may be cross-reactivity between strains which hopefully will stop your baby from getting the flu.” On the very least, Dr. Berger says the shot will considerably lower the severity and length of the flu. And Dr. Jen backs this up: “The flu shot in kids has been proven to lower the severity of the sickness in addition to lower the necessity for hospitalization for flu-related problems, and finally deaths. Roughly 80 % of youngsters who died of influenza weren’t vaccinated, and plenty of had been in any other case wholesome kids with out continual illness.”

As for the dangers of giving infants the shot? Dr. Berger says that as with all vaccines, there may be an elevated danger of soreness and redness on the web site of injection, and a few kids might expertise low-grade, flu-like signs as much as every week later. However he’s fast to level out that these minor signs pale compared to what may occur if a child will get the precise flu.


Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg, pediatrician and assistant scientific professor of pediatrics at The Icahn College of Medication at Mount Sinai

Dr. Jay Berger, chief medical officer and chairman of pediatrics at ProHEALTH Care




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