Black Oxygen Organics Assessment: Can Fulvic Acid Work Miracles?


fulvic acid review

The requests for a fulvic acid evaluation – specifically Black Oxygen Organics – have been rolling into my DMs and feedback, so right here you all go.

It’s necessary to all the time try the businesses which might be promoting these ‘miraculous’ substances, as a result of that may inform you an entire heck of lots concerning the legitimacy of the fad. 

In doing that, I went down a very loopy rabbit gap with Black Oxygen Organics. Like, wow. 

Particularly, there are some apparently very gullible Black Oxygen Organics salespeople – promoting the product to some equally gullible prospects – on social media. 

black oxygen organics review

Significantly, what?

Their pages and teams are stuffed with woo woo claims reminiscent of how fulvic acid ‘strips candida’ and ‘places your in good sync with the planet’s vibration.’ 

Even worse, there are posts about how this product helps folks ‘detox’ from trauma. I couldn’t maintain my hearth there, I commented about how that’s harmful and inappropriate. They responded by commenting that their product is simply ‘one instrument’ to assist folks address trauma.

Um, no.  

What’s additionally an issue, is that this literal grime is being promoted for kids. Bringing children into this – or any ‘detox’ complement – is extraordinarily misguided and horrid. These are children who develop up misunderstanding and distrusting their our bodies, which isn’t good. 

There are some folks on Reddit saying that Black Oxygen Organics will get their grime from a landfill right here in Ontario, which can or is probably not right. Who is aware of.

What’s fulvic acid?

Fulvic acid is a by-product of decomposition of crops. and is present in grime and peat (and likewise, sewage). 

Shilajit is the principle bioactive in fulvic acid, and has been used for hundreds of years in Ayurvedic drugs. This is identical sort of medication that tells us that folks with scorching tempers ought to keep away from spicy meals.

I’m certain that some Ayurvedic medicines are efficient, however Ayurveda’s fame just isn’t one which’s scientific in nature, if you already know what I imply.

Fulvic acid is bought in liquid, powder, or capsule type. Black Oxygen Organics’ product is a powder that’s $110 for a 125 gram bag, or 40 drugs.

Fulvic acid claims.

There are some critical claims about fulvic acid going round, and plenty of of them appear too good to be true. In reality, numerous them are downright ridiculous. And FYI: when somebody begins speaking about candida, I do know they’re in all probability stuffed with sh*t.

Black oxygen organics review

That’s a heck of numerous worry mongering for one put up. This individual has completely no clue what they’re speaking about, or how the human physique capabilities.


Apparently, Black Oxygen Organics can be utilized in a foot soak that detoxes you and your trauma, and likewise de-worms you.

You’ll be able to’t soak your ft in ANYTHING and detox any a part of you (apart from possibly your smelly ft). But there are a ton of posts just like the one beneath, claiming in any other case.

fulvic acid benefits

That is an precise put up that somebody put up about their Black Oxygen Organics expertise. Do they suppose they’re really going to see parasites popping out of their ft??

fulvic acid benefits

The put up is loopy. The feedback? Hilarious. 

In accordance with among the posts I’ve seen, Black Oxygen Organics grime can ‘remedy’ diabetes, rid you of the parasites that everybody appears to suppose they’ve proper now (and doubtless don’t), cleanse your physique, remedy your mildew toxicity, repair your trauma, enhance your intestine well being, calm your stress, finish your power fatigue, assist stop Alzheimer’s illness, heal autism, fibromyalgia, and wounds. 

And that’s not even an exhaustive checklist, though I turn out to be exhausted studying it…as a result of it’s full malarkey.

Right here’s the checklist of claims from the Black Oxygen Organics web site.

black oxygen organics review

Helps to steadiness hormones? Boosts metabolism? Improves reminiscence, mind operate, and temper? Coronary heart well being? Regenerates cells? Repopulates intestine flora? Strongest electrolyte in existence? 

I wish to see precise science – good, strong, peer reviewed, in a good journal, done-on-humans science – to again any of those claims up. As a result of so far as I do know, there may be none. Human physiology doesn’t jibe with any of those. 

It additionally appears that some BOO salespeople (just like the one who wrote one of many posts above) are selling the declare that we will turn out to be ‘poisonous and acidic’ from consuming the incorrect meals. That is ridiculous, and for those who’re actually ‘acidic,’ you want a hospital, not black grime. 

Metabolic acidosis is a critical problem that doesn’t occur as a result of somebody eats too many McDonald’s hamburgers and never sufficient salads. It’s largely the results of medical emergencies reminiscent of kidney failure or diabetic ketoacidosis. 

So subsequent time somebody tells you that you need to be on an ‘alkaline’ food regimen, know that this is a sign that they don’t have any clue how the human physique works…and that you simply shouldn’t hearken to something they are saying.  

(Learn my evaluation of the alkaline food regimen, right here)

Fulvic acid grime can’t remedy incurable ailments and situations, and to recommend that’s disrespectful and inappropriate, to not point out harmful.

Fulvic acid grime can’t assist with trauma, and to recommend that’s extremely harmful and opportunistic.

And so far as the parasites and mildew go, these are illnesses that wellness tradition has fully overblown and used to promote merchandise which might be ineffective…form of like fulvic acid. 

Did I point out that Black Oxygen Organics tells us that we will ‘Cease Losing Time & Cash On Dietary supplements That Don’t Work!’

Fulvic acid and Black Oxygen Organics analysis.

The analysis round fulvic acid has been performed largely in fish and rats. Contemplating that we’re neither of these issues, utilizing these research to ‘show’ any of the claims made about this ingredient is extraordinarily problematic and disingenuous. 

I’m used to that, although, since I see that form of factor lots with MLMs. An organization will say that their product has all kinds of ‘scientific analysis’ proving its efficacy, however in the meantime, the analysis is finished in animals or in lab dishes, and/or is a long time previous, and/or is poorly performed.

And simply as a lot as this 2018 evaluation of research discovered that animal research had some optimistic outcomes with fulvic acid, it additionally admitted that some research have proven adverse results of this compound, in significantly with inflicting oxidative injury to cells. 

The human research round fulvic acid aren’t precisely compelling.

A small 2003 research in some journal referred to as ‘Historic Science of Life’ discovered that shilajit lowered triglycerides and raised HDL ldl cholesterol. Sadly, the precise paper didn’t define food regimen specifics or precise numbers. So, that’s that. 

Plus, it has been virtually 20 years because it was printed. I feel if fulvic acid was nice for blood lipids, we’d have identified it by now.

A 2018 evaluation of research within the Journal of Diabetes Analysis appears to hyperlink fulvic acid with decreased irritation (however then countered this part of the report with one which outlined fulvic acid’s means to be pro-inflammatory as nicely), improved immune response (however once more, countered this with fulvic acid’s detrimental results on immune response), and intestine well being (for those who think about rats and carp to be equal to people).

Regardless of having a headline that sounds very optimistic (‘Therapeutic Potential of Fulvic Acid in Continual Inflammatory Illnesses and Diabetes’!), the above research discovered nothing significantly outstanding about fulvic acid’s potential for something…particularly in people. 

There’s numerous ‘it MAY do X’ and ‘no direct proof to show Y’ and ‘potential therapeutic potential.’ Thanks, I’ll go.

The underside line is that fulvic acid is grime that folks eat, soak their ft in, douche with, feed to their children, and promote by way of MLM. The claims round it are an absolute joke in comparison with the proof we’ve got to again them up, which is principally none.

The Black Oxygen Organics web site has some ‘scientific analysis’ that the corporate appears to consider corroborates the usefulness of this complement.

The primary doc is a 38-page evaluation of research, which in fact I learn intimately.

Nicely, fairly, I checked out every of the 120 citations towards what they’re attempting to corroborate, as a result of that’s the place the great things is. You’re welcome.

A few of them are extremely irrelevant, like #118:  

Pillai, Ok.C., & Mathew, E. (1976). Plutonium within the aquatic atmosphere: Its habits, distribution and significance. In Transuranium nuclide within the atmosphere (pp. 25-45). Continuing of the Symposium, Worldwide Atomic Power Company, Vienna.

It seems to me that the corporate is utilizing this and different citations to show that as a result of fulvic acid has an affinity to plutonium and different radioacive components in nature, that it could actually ‘detox’ dangerous substances from the cells. 

That’s such an enormous leap, I can’t even. However after what I’ve seen, this sadly doesn’t shock me. 

A number of the references are from paperwork as previous as 1926, and the bulk are from the Sixties, 70s, and 80s, with none in any respect cracking the twenty first century. It is a purple flag.

I’ve stated it 1,000,000 instances, and I’m going to say it once more…if an ingredient/complement/food regimen/no matter is so unbelievable and superb, there might be latest, peer-reviewed analysis with reproducible outcomes, in people, printed in respected journals, to show that. 

The doc itself seems to be historical, and it seems to attract from textbooks (Very important electrolytes – Backer, W.E. (1973) Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 37, 269-281), random sentences (Similar period of time – Greenland, D.J., (1965). Soils and Fertilizers. 35(5), 415-532), and woo woo books (Who and What Are You? – Williams, Dr. Roger J. (1977). The Fantastic World Inside You. Bio- Communications Press. Wichita, Kansas.)

So….go on this one.

The subsequent doc the corporate gives of their analysis part is a set of 10 case research by a naturopath from Germany across the chelation/elimination properties of fulvic acid  on heavy metals.

The ‘research’ was performed in his apply and was sponsored by a fulvic acid firm.

The members’ urine was measured for heavy metals, however the outcomes had been a bit weird, the numbers inconsistent, and actually, it was extra anecdotal than something, contemplating that all the venture consists of case research, undertaken in an workplace, with out a management group, and by a probably biased individual.

The third doc is once more by a naturopath. It’s is a set of 10 case research that once more, are merely case research of 10 of this individual’s sufferers.

There are sentences like this one:

 “The ft shine very darkish. The center toe on the left reveals the stress on the mesa and the large and second toes on the fitting present the emotionally and poisonous overloaded liver and fixed pressure,” 

Reflexology is a debunked science, in case you didn’t know.

Most significantly, case research are merely the documentation of therapies and findings. They’re largely used to supply or verify theories, versus analysis, which might present affirmation. They’ll simply be tainted by choice or affirmation bias, and are sometimes not consultant of a bigger inhabitants. For my part, a case research doesn’t equal analysis. 

So far as Black Oxygen Organics, their web site and plenty of of their salespeoples’ posts examine all of the bins on my checklist of food regimen purple flags:

  1. Telling you that you’ve got a ‘downside’ you by no means knew you had, then promoting you the answer.
  2. Promoting a product by MLM. That in itself is a purple flag, and I’ll inform you that I’ve reviewed just about all the diet MLMs on the market, and never one has bought one thing I’d suggest. To not point out that MLMs prey on girls, and are brutal money-losers for most individuals (learn my put up The Downside with MLMs and Their Coaches)
  3. Making fantastical claims that simply can’t be true. In the event you may heal trauma by consuming grime, don’t you suppose we’d have figured that out by now? To not point out, even hinting that grime can heal main psychological well being points is an egregious breach of all that’s trustworthy and respectable.
  4. Making claims that aren’t supported by accessible peer-reviewed analysis. 

For me, as a healthcare skilled, the issue isn’t with dietary supplements like Black Oxygen, that are in all probability secure (though extraordinarily costly.)

The issue is with the claims which might be made about these merchandise, the strategies by which they’re bought, the worry mongering that’s used to market them, and the truth that their salespeople principally run wild and unchecked, spouting all kinds of rubbish science and ‘testimonials’ that imply nothing.

When an organization and the individuals who promote it present you who they’re, consider them. Onerous go on this grime.

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