Assume Like an Educator – Suggestions for Yoga Instructor Trainers


When a yoga instructor decides to take the leap and develop a instructor coaching, there’s a basic shift that should happen: we have now to begin pondering like an educator, slightly than an skilled.

And skilled is somebody who’s passionate, skilled, and educated about their chosen topic. An educator is somebody who can encourage others to a unique stage of efficiency. Let’s take a look at how these are totally different.

If we method our instructor coaching like an skilled, we might make what I name, “The Nice Mistake.” The nice mistake is pondering that training is about what I inform my college students. If we expect this fashion, then we’re tempted to provide college students the contents of our heads. We predict that if we simply give them sufficient info, they are going to be educated. Though that is very well-intentioned, it typically results in a “hearth hose” method the place we saturate college students with info.

As an alternative, to assume like an educator, we have now to vary our standpoint. Slightly than pondering that training is about what I inform my college students, I modify the main target. I reframe the expertise and outline training as what my college students can DO.

By making training about what our college students can do on account of the educational expertise, I modify the main target of the expertise from me (what I say or present) to the coed (how the coed can carry out otherwise). From this standpoint, I’m now targeted on the coed’s measurable efficiency. I can set a transparent benchmark for what I would like the coed to have the ability to reveal or articulate on the finish the lesson.

This transformation could seem easy, however it would rework the educational expertise in profound methods:

  • As an educator, I now have to set clear objectives for pupil efficiency,
  • I take the main target off of me and put it on the coed,
  • I get clear about what “inputs” the coed wants to attain the specified efficiency, which defuses the hazard of “firehosing” them with pointless info,
  • I’ve a transparent thought of how I’ll assess the coed’s success.

Earlier than you create your subsequent lesson plan, workshop, or instructor coaching, pause to assume:

What do I would like the coed to have the ability to DO on account of this studying expertise?

This straightforward inquiry will enable you to take the leap from skilled to educator, and help your college students to have a profitable studying expertise.

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