10 menopause signs myths debunked


Everyone knows in regards to the dreaded menopause signs. However how dangerous are they actually? Healthista spoke to the specialists to attempt to debunk widespread menopause myths 

As if us girls don’t have already got sufficient to take care of, the menopause sadly can’t be averted and is a pure a part of ageing, supposedly occurring between the ages of 45 and 55.

Within the UK, the common age for a girl to succeed in the menopause is 51 in accordance with the NHS.

All girls are born with a particular variety of eggs, which over time cut back as we ovulate, normally each month.

It’s when we now have misplaced most of our eggs and are left with round 1,000 that ladies will begin to really feel menopausal. So mainly, the menopause might be described as when our ovaries begin to fail in releasing eggs.

Most ladies will expertise signs of menopause for as much as 5 years earlier than they’ve their final interval

This failure causes our oestrogen ranges to fall, which tells our mind to ship extra alerts to our ovaries to attempt to get them to launch an egg. That is what results in the dreaded and notorious signs of the menopause.

Most ladies will expertise menopause signs for as much as 5 years earlier than they’ve their final interval. Nevertheless, round one in each ten girls expertise signs for as much as ten years.

For causes which are nonetheless unknown, some girls sail drawback free via the menopause while others undergo from signs that may considerably intervene with their high quality of their life and their capacity to operate on a day-to-day foundation.

Nevertheless, there are nonetheless many myths on the market that make the considered menopause far scarier than it must be.

Healthista caught up with the specialists to attempt to debunk among the widespread myths surrounding the dreaded menopause signs…

Fantasy #1 You’ll acquire weight

‘The menopause isn’t fattening,’ stresses Dr Sarah Brewer, GP and Medical Director of wellbeing model Healthspan.

‘Nevertheless, over the age of 40, your metabolism slows down and your physique wants 250 fewer energy per day than whenever you have been in your twenties’.

Consuming much less and doing extra will cut back the chance of gaining weight in your forties and past however you also needs to guarantee your weight loss plan options an abundance of fruit and greens, beans, nuts and seeds.

‘These comprise antioxidants that may stimulate metabolism, boosting fats burning, encouraging weight reduction and growing power ranges,’ provides Dr Brewer.

10 menopause symptoms myths debunked weight gain

Fantasy #2 You’ll leak

‘Round one in three girls experiences continence points,’ says Valentina Roffi, Medical Specialist Physiotherapist (pelvic well being) and Director at Dash Physiotherapy.

‘Within the lead as much as the menopause, oestrogen manufacturing reduces after which stops. Consequently, the vaginal tissues lose elasticity and the liner of the urethra turns into thinner which, together with weaker pelvic ground muscle tissue, contributes to leaking’.

Valentina stresses that it’s essential to seek the advice of a specialist physician in urogynaecology about menopausal continence points.

Anybody can work on strengthening their pelvic ground

‘They will counsel methods to handle signs, maybe with drugs or lotions,’ continues Valentina, who additionally recommends consulting a pelvic well being physiotherapist.

‘Pelvic well being physiotherapists specialise within the administration of urinary issues with efficient and typically quite simple options reminiscent of bladder coaching, reviewing fluid consumption and strengthening pelvic ground muscle tissue.

‘Anybody can work on strengthening their pelvic ground. Merely give attention to tightening the muscle tissue round the back and front passage – if anything is twitching, you might not be squeezing the appropriate muscle group!’

Fantasy #3 All the pieces dries up

As oestrogen ranges fall, many components of the physique turn into drier – hair, pores and skin, nails, eyes and vagina.

Many ladies discover that Hormone Alternative Remedy (HRT) brings reduction from menopause signs, together with dryness.

Nevertheless, should you’re unable or unwilling to take prescribed oestrogens, soy isoflavones reminiscent of Healthspan’s Menoserene, might help.

As well as, oestrogen-containing vaginal remedies which cut back dryness can be found on prescription – ask your GP, menopause nurse or a BMS-accredited menopause specialist for extra info

additionally a spread of latest non-surgical medical procedures that may assist with dryness

Many ladies discover that intimate lubricants assist relieve vaginal dryness, making intercourse pleasurable once more.

You can additionally attempt sea buckthorn oil, a natural treatment which has been used for hundreds of years to alleviate intimate dryness (Healthspan Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil).

‘There are such a lot of new advances out there to girls, in addition to hormonal remedies and specifically formulated complement ranges,’ provides Miss Tania Adib, advisor gynaecologist at The Medical Chambers Kensington.

‘There’s additionally a spread of latest non-surgical medical procedures that may assist with dryness which have had very constructive outcomes.

‘The MonaLisa Contact, plus different new las remedies to take care of vaginal atrophy, incontinence and painful circumstances, reminiscent of vulvodynia that many ladies might expertise throughout menopause however it’s critical to grasp there are new medical remedies that can assist’.

10 menopause symptoms myths debunked incontinence

Fantasy #4 Everybody will get sizzling flushes

Current analysis discovered that sizzling flushes and their bedtime companion, night time sweats, have an effect on 84 per cent of peri-menopausal and menopausal girls.

Nevertheless, a medical trial revealed within the scientific journal Heliyon earlier this yr confirmed the age-old perception that sage might help relieve sizzling flushes and night time sweats.

‘Ladies who obtained a day by day dose of A. Vogel Menoforce® Sage, which incorporates freshly harvested sage, discovered that their sizzling flushes decreased in amount in addition to depth,’ explains Alison Cullen, A. Vogel dietary practitioner and training supervisor.

sage might help relieve sizzling flushes and night time sweats

‘After 4 weeks, 60 per cent of contributors had no less than a 50 per cent discount in sizzling flushes, whereas after eight weeks, that they had decreased by 64 per cent and have been nonetheless on the lower.

‘As well as, total, the ladies on this trial who have been handled with Menoforce® have been in a extra relaxed and centered way of thinking’.

10 menopause symptoms myths debunked hot flush

Fantasy #5 You possibly can’t get pregnant when taking HRT

‘Though, total, the possibility of conception in your late forties and early fifties when on HRT may be very slim, HRT isn’t a type of contraception,’ stresses advisor gynaecologist Dr Anne Henderson, creator of The Pure Menopause.

‘To forestall being pregnant, it’s at all times advisable to additionally use a non-hormonal, barrier contraception reminiscent of condoms or alternatively the Mirena Coil. It is a versatile technique of contraception that may additionally present a type of HRT and I often suggest to girls who’re peri-menopausal.

HRT isn’t a type of contraception

‘Equally, if somebody is experiencing menopause signs, they need to not take HRT in the event that they’re attempting to get pregnant. HRT is for ladies who’ve accomplished their household’.

Fantasy #6 Your intercourse life is over

‘There’s no purpose why intimacy ought to cease,’ says Dr Brewer.

‘In reality, some menopausal girls really feel extra passionate as decrease oestrogen ranges means the small quantity of testosterone of their our bodies has a stronger impact. There’s additionally much less fear about being pregnant, which might have a liberating impact’.

Nevertheless, widespread menopause signs reminiscent of fatigue, anxiousness, temper swings and vaginal dryness can all take their toll in your intercourse drive.

‘If low libido is inflicting issues inside your relationship, speak to your physician,’ suggests Dr Brewer.

10 menopause symptoms myths debunked libido

Fantasy #7 You possibly can’t take HRT should you’ve had most cancers

‘This isn’t true,’ stresses Dr Anne Henderson, Marketing consultant Gynaecologist, BMS-accredited Menopause Specialist and Director of The Amara Clinic.

‘There are completely different types of HRT and completely different concerns to bear in mind, relying on age and sort of most cancers.

dangers from HRT are increased should you’re obese and drink

‘For instance, dangers from HRT are increased should you’re obese and drink and information is exhibiting that is linked to even reasonable ingesting (so two models a day, 14 models per week) will increase the chance considerably of breast most cancers – greater than the precise threat of HRT.

‘When you’ve got any considerations over a doable most cancers threat, ideally ask your GP to refer you to speak to a Menopause Specialist who’s accredited by the British Menopause Society‘.

Fantasy #8 ‘Meno-middle’ will exchange your waist

Though weight acquire isn’t inevitable within the lead as much as the menopause, or afterwards, any additional kilos are inclined to make a beeline for the midriff!

‘Researchers from Ohio College have recognized an enzyme which will increase ranges of fats manufacturing and ‘thickening’ across the center,’ reveals Dr Sarah Brewer.

‘Oestrogen supresses this enzyme however as the degrees of this hormone fall because of the menopause, the consequences of this enzyme enhance’.

To fight this, DR Brewer advises consuming a wholesome, balanced weight loss plan, lowering portion sizes and reducing out unhealthy snacks and drinks.

Train may also assist to maintain meno-middle at bay – mix common cardio exercises with Pilates or yoga, that are each glorious for firming belly muscle tissue.

10 menopause symptoms myths debunked meno middle weight gain

#9 Your anxiousness ranges will soar

Dr Meg Arroll a Chartered Psychologist and co creator of latest ebook by Mariella Frostrup Cracking the Menopause: Whereas Maintaining Your self Collectively says, ‘Nervousness is usually cited as a symptom of the menopause, with a few quarter of ladies saying they really feel anxious throughout this time.

HRT and anti-depressants might help to alleviate menopause-related anxiousness

‘Nevertheless, anxiousness can also be widespread within the normal inhabitants – a current research discovered that 65 per cent of us consider life is changing into more and more extra anxiety-provoking.

‘HRT and anti-depressants might help to alleviate menopause-related anxiousness throughout the peri-menopause however chances are you’ll need to attempt evidence-based therapies for anxiousness reminiscent of yoga, reflexology, therapeutic massage and, very importantly, taking day out for self-care and pampering’.

#10 The menopause is a nightmare

Not essentially so!

‘By taking care of your self earlier than and after the menopause, taking an excellent high quality multivitamin that has all you want and is formulated for ladies in fifties is an efficient possibility so you possibly can assist guarantee this time of life is wealthy and pleasant,’ says Dr Sarah Brewer.

As well as, Priestess of the Goddess, Charlotte Haigh, encourages girls to reclaim as a time to step into our energy.

‘A brand new angle to this stage of life might help us embrace it and really feel constructive about it,’ says Charlotte.

‘We have to see ourselves as skilled, sensible girls with a lot to supply our communities.

‘And with trendy life spans, we might have many years left to do no matter we would like. How would you like the remainder of your life to be? Dream large!’

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